Chaytons Birth/Pregnancy

Chayton was born on May 30th 2015 but his journey started 6 weeks before that. My water broke at 25 weeks, I had gotten home from working overnight and Justin was helping Rayne get ready for school. I felt like I really had to pee so off I went to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down liquid came gushing out of me and it did not stop for a good couple of minuets. I remember panicking thinking oh my god is that my water breaking? Its way to early why is it doing this. I yelled for Justin and we decided to call the doctor and he would take Rayne to the bus stop for school. We didnt want to worry her if we didnt have to. When i called my doctors office they told me to go to the ER immediately. Well after the nurse on the phone realized I was really telling her my water broke and I was only 25 weeks.

When we got there no one seemed in a rush at first saying I was probably wrong that  there was no way my water could have broke. They said they would know after they swabbed me, if it turn purple then it was my water that broke. The nurse barely had the swab next to the card when it turn as purple as it could and the sheer panic that spread over the nurses face still kind of scares me. Thats when everything happened like instantly. They started trying to find a vein for them to put an iv in so they can give me magnesium to stop the contractions and labor. They were sending me to the elliot and it needed to happen right away. I was going by ambulance and Justin would meet me there with Rayne, who he was grabbing from school and my mother would meet us there. As soon as I was in the ambulance and hooked up i started having contractions and they gave me the magnesium. I have never felt so much heat hit me all at once, my heart rate jumped and my breathing. We got to the hospital an hour later and Justin was already there with Rayne. Rayne later informed me that dad made his own speed limit so they could make it to the hospital. I did not ask for more details on that.

After being hooked up to everything, ie multiple ivs for me and monitors, plus the baby heart monitor for him, the group of OBGYN came in. Yes I said group, not one or two but 5 different ones. They all introduce them selves/ check my paper work and monitors. They then proceded to tell me that  i was in labor but they were working on stoping it because it was way to early. Then they would monitor the baby for 48hours after they stopped the labor and if he didnt  come then we would regroup and plan.



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